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TU/e researchers Adriana Creatore and Rene Janssen collaborate in Solliance to push the efficiency of solar cells.

Four terminal perovskite-silicon PV tandem devices hit 30 percent efficiency

A collaborative effort has installed electronic “brains” on solar-powered robots that are 100 to 250 micrometers in size – smaller than an ant’s head – so that they can walk autonomously without being externally controlled.

Brains on board: Smart microrobots walk autonomously

The new approach moves energy efficiently and could reduce energy losses converting light into electricity.

Photosynthesis copycat may improve solar cells

Plants use light waves from only a portion of the spectrum for photosynthesis – the remainder can be recovered and used to generate solar power. That’s the idea behind the solar modules developed by EPFL startup Voltiris.

With new solar modules, greenhouses run on their own energy

The shift to renewable energy is on the rise as fossil fuel reserves deplete. Learn about the growing interest in pairing energy storage with solar power, the tradeoffs that come with doing so, and how Capacitech’s flexible supercapacitor technology can help customers overcome these challenges.

Cables that Store Solar Power, Help Batteries, and Save Money

In this episode, we talk about how researchers are bringing affordable space technology to the masses via additive manufacturing along with a manufacturing approach that could serve as the keystone for wide scale use of affordable, semitransparent organic solar cells.

Podcast: 3D Printing Space Sensors & Solar Cell Windows

A peel-off patterning technique could enable more fragile organic semiconductors to be manufactured into semitransparent solar panels at scale.

Toward manufacturing semitransparent solar cells the size of windows

Optimized Light Paths, High-throughput Laser Scribing and the Use of Established Coating Processes Paves the Way to Commercial Viability – Publication in Nature Energy

Photovoltaics: Fully Scalable All-Perovskite Tandem Solar Modules

Producing synthesis gas, a precursor of a variety of fuels and chemicals, no longer requires natural gas, coal or biomass.

Solar-powered chemistry uses carbon dioxide and water to make feedstock for fuels, chemicals

DC power supplies are available in switch-mode (also known as switching) or linear configurations of which switching power supply is preferred in modern-day electronics due to their low cost, compact design, and improved efficiency.

Switching vs Linear Power Supply: What's the difference

Virtual and augmented reality are becoming increasingly useful for manufacturing, maintenance, construction and surveying activities, but what good is an advanced immersive visual medium if you can’t use it for very long?

Avoiding Dead Batteries in AR and VR Headsets

In this episode, we talk about how researchers are making advancements in the energy harvesting and energy storage fronts to make renewable energy a more viable alternative to fossil fuels.

Podcast: Scaling Renewables With Novel Energy Harvesting & Storage Technologies

Princeton Engineering researchers have developed the first perovskite solar cell with a commercially viable lifetime, marking a major milestone for an emerging class of renewable energy technology.

Once seen as fleeting, a new solar tech shines on and on

PerPetum is an innovative renewable energy company and one of the largest constructors of solar parks in the Benelux. Headquartered in Belgium and active in The Netherlands for over five years they opened an office at High Tech Campus Eindhoven in early 2020

PerPetum is changing the world of renewable energy, one solar panel at a time

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