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Building automation solutions can help reduce a building’s carbon footprint, optimize energy consumption, improve maintenance scheduling, make better use of available space, and reduce waste and operating costs.

Thread and IPv6: The smart protocol for tomorrow's smart buildings

In this video, we provide a short introduction to the LoRaWAN technology. The LoRaWAN connectivity technology is used in countless IoT projects and its adoption is constantly growing. Discover how this technology works and why it is perfect to power massive IoT use cases.

An introduction to LoRaWAN

In this article, we look at how Super Low power Wi-Fi and Bluetooth LE enable smart locks to be more agile and reliable by demonstrating these features with a case study from Renesas.

Super Low Power Wi-Fi and Bluetooth LE Unlock Smart Locks

Opinion Piece

Article #4 Electronics Innovation Series. Alternative SBC’s and customer-orientated manufacturing will ease supply chain conditions.

Chipping in on the SBC Supply Chain - predictions for the future.

From a simple roof over our heads to a suitable place to work, travel, and shop, we spend so much of our lives indoors that creating the best possible environment is key to human wellbeing. Wireless technology can help.

Creating smart homes and building automation that are good for people and the environment

Article #3 Electronics Innovation Series. As offices re-open smart buildings must deliver the data from a smart home scale.

Bringing the Smart Home to the Smart Office: How engineers can empower users with IoT-enabled products in the workplace

The proper ventilation of buildings and workspaces is a fundamental requirement for an effective and healthy working environment.

A Quick Guide To Using CO2 Sensors to Control Building Ventilation

A smart building is a building that uses technology to capture data which is used to enable automatic,..

What Does It Mean To Retrofit Your Building? (+ Benefits)

Featuring "fiber devices" including a large-format display, temperature and ultraviolet sensors, a touch-sensitive input matrix, and even a heart-rate monitor, this foldable fabric is being positioned as a breakthrough for smart homes and the IoT.

A flexible, foldable, highly-integrated "smart fabric" could herald the future of the cuddlier Internet of Things

Future-proofing buildings and portfolios with smart technology is no longer an option; it’s an absolute necessity.

Running a Smart Building is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

case study

It’s a common problem – how do you maximise the functionality of a small space to incorporate both home and work life? ‘Moveable walls’ that open up, or section off space, can provide a dedicated work from home space – even in small apartments.

'Moveable walls': the solution to working from home

Real-time occupancy monitoring of the comings and goings inside a warehouse, conference room, or corridor yields valuable data.

Wireless occupancy detection technology aids productivity and sustainability

Article #3 of the IoT Foundation Series. Smart ML enables scenes for new seamless ways of interacting with smart home devices.

Machine Learning Powered Home Scenes: A Blueprint for Intelligent Home Automation

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