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Digital twins, edge processing, and addressing bias are at the center of AI research and development.

What's on the Horizon for Artificial Intelligence?

Article #6 Altair Startup Series. Startups play a key role in moving towards innovative circular and sustainable engineering practices.

Lowering the Barriers to Innovation with Advanced Engineering Simulation

Engineers can further their sustainability focus during design and development

Sustainability through Digitalization in Engineering

The transformative potential of Digital Twins could have a profound influence on how society addresses global sustainability challenges, but more inclusive, reliable and responsive computer simulations are needed to support these efforts, say researchers in a study published in Nature Sustainability

Digital Twins: a pathway to achieving the world's sustainability goals?

Computer simulation methods from NIST help speed up the search for carbon capture materials.

To Remove CO2 From the Atmosphere, Imagine the Possibilities

Flightmare is an open-source simulator for quadrotors that moves away from rigid paradigms and proposes a flexible modular structure that empowers the users or automated algorithms to fine-tune the simulator to the task at hand.

Flightmare: A Flexible Quadrotor Simulator

Reinforcement Learning to generate recommendations based on previous learning from simulations.

AI assisted decision making in process engineering

Article #3 Simulation Education Series. How simulation software assisted the engineers designing rugged, all-terrain mobility solutions.

Using contact mechanics analysis to solve the toughest problems in engineering

Article #4 Altair Startup Series. Simulation is helping startups set the direction of the e-mobility industry.

Driving game-changing E-mobility development

The most suitable repair techniques are heavily dependent on the details of the structure because composites excel at being tailored to meet very specific needs, there are few “universal” materials and methods that can be used to achieve successful results.

What Engineer Need to Consider When Conducting Composites Repair

This student article explains a dynamic model developed based on modified Hill’s model using MATLAB, which can predict biomethane production with time series.

Dynamic simulation and optimization of anaerobic digestion processes using MATLAB

Article #2 Simulation Education Series. Exploring how engineers might design a commercial space station accurately and cost-effectively using mechanical analysis techniques

Shocks, Drops, Smashes, and Crashes: How to Overcome Tough Structural Challenges

The expanding impact on future manufacturing of waste management legislation and increasing the price of current waste management methods stress the importance of an efficient and sustainable way of recycling waste generated in the composites industry.

How to Track and Reduce Waste in Composites Manufacturing?

Hyper-realistic virtual worlds have been heralded as the best driving schools for autonomous vehicles (AVs), since they’ve proven fruitful test beds for safely trying out dangerous driving scenarios.

Researchers release open-source photorealistic simulator for autonomous driving

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