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Now it is possible to teleoperate individual and combined control of any number of robotic arms. Thanks to the designed control architecture, the human operator can intuitively create robot groups to control them together.

Controlling and Reconfiguring Multiple Collaborative Robot Arms

The heart of the new soft robot is a 'hysteretic valve', as the researchers call their invention in a publication in the journal Matter.

Sputtering ketchup bottle lets soft robots run smoothly

With modular components and an easy-to-use 3D interface, this interactive design pipeline enables anyone to create their own customized robotic hand.

A helping hand for robotic manipulator design


A robust robotic automation solution for testing devices that incorporate any type of physical input such as touchscreens or buttons.

MATT: the ultimate device testing robot

Model-free framework reorients over 2,000 diverse objects with a hand facing both upward and downward, in a step toward more human-like manipulation.

Dexterous robotic hands manipulate thousands of objects with ease

Prosthetic enables a wide range of daily activities, such as zipping a suitcase, shaking hands, and petting a cat.

Inflatable robotic hand gives amputees real-time tactile control

The technology uses tactile sensing to identify objects underground, and might one day help disarm land mines or inspect cables.

Slender robotic finger senses buried items

Cutkosky applies analyses, simulations, and experiments to the design and control of robotic hands, tactile sensors, and devices for human/computer interaction. In manufacturing, his work focuses on design tools for rapid prototyping.

Soft Robotics With Mark Cutkosky "Gecko Climbing Robots"

Researchers at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) have created two new soft robot grippers with sensory capabilities.

Soft Robotic Grippers for High Force and Delicate Object Grasping

Robot-assisted surgical systems, also known as telerobotic surgical systems, are physical extensions of a surgeon.

Researchers help robots acquire steadier hands for surgery

An ultra-precise mind-controlled prosthetic

Real-time, intuitive, finger-level control of a robotic hand

Engineers first to demonstrate a robotic finger with a highly precise sense of touch over a complex, multicurved surface

A Tactile Robot Finger With No Blind Spots

Pose estimation is an important step towards understanding people in images and videos with numerous applications in action understanding, human-robot interaction, surveillance, motion capture, and more.

New multi-user, multi-object dataset for joint 3d hand-object pose estimation

Scientists have developed an ultra-light glove – weighing less than 8 grams per finger– that enables users to feel and manipulate virtual objects. Their system provides extremely realistic haptic feedback and could run on a battery, allowing for unparalleled freedom of movement.

Ultra-light gloves let users touch virtual objects

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