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A new field study reveals a previously unobserved fluid dynamic process that is key to assessing impact of deep-sea mining operations.

Ocean scientists measure sediment plume stirred up by deep-sea-mining vehicle

Synthetic fuels from renewable energies can be produced in large quantities and can already be used in almost all vehicles

Game changer in the fight against climate change: reFuels suitable for everyday use

Recent geopolitical uncertainty has intensified the climate crisis. The availability and price of oil are in flux, underscoring a global necessity to look for alternative energy sources.

Renewable Energy In Manufacturing

In this episode, we talk about how a shift in perspective regarding wind farm power production led to a model that can increase global output by 5% and a much overdue redesign of turbine blades for hydroelectric power dams that’ll enable sustainable power production.

Podcast: Turbine Innovations For A Greener Future

MIT researchers find that changing the pH of a system solves a decades-old problem.

A simple way to significantly increase lifetimes of fuel cells and other devices

For parts of the U.S., the best place to store massive amounts energy for the electric grid could be right beneath our feet.

The best place to store energy for the electric grid? You might be standing on it

The new approach moves energy efficiently and could reduce energy losses converting light into electricity.

Photosynthesis copycat may improve solar cells

Plants use light waves from only a portion of the spectrum for photosynthesis – the remainder can be recovered and used to generate solar power. That’s the idea behind the solar modules developed by EPFL startup Voltiris.

With new solar modules, greenhouses run on their own energy

Made from inexpensive, abundant materials, an aluminum-sulfur battery could provide low-cost backup storage for renewable energy sources.

A new concept for low-cost batteries

The shift to renewable energy is on the rise as fossil fuel reserves deplete. Learn about the growing interest in pairing energy storage with solar power, the tradeoffs that come with doing so, and how Capacitech’s flexible supercapacitor technology can help customers overcome these challenges.

Cables that Store Solar Power, Help Batteries, and Save Money

Gas turbines are widely used for power generation and aircraft propulsion. According to the laws of thermodynamics, the higher the temperature of an engine, the higher the efficiency. Because of these laws, there is an emerging interest in increasing turbines’ operating temperature.

Discovering materials for gas turbine engines through efficient predictive frameworks

Meet companies and researchers working on making steel with renewable energy and fewer emissions.

What is green steel, and why is it important?

By modeling the conditions of an entire wind farm rather than individual turbines, engineers can squeeze more power out of existing installations.

A new method boosts wind farms' energy output, without new equipment

Natel Energy, founded by sibling MIT alumni, is deploying hydropower systems with fish-safe turbines and other features that mimic natural river conditions.

Making hydropower plants more sustainable

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