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Solder flux has a large impact on final product quality. This article reviews how to use flux during soldering and how to decide on the right technology options for your project.

A Practical Guide to Solder Flux

Our very first customer at Mergeflow was very good at beating "not invented here" syndrome. He was a very accomplished science entrepreneur. A physics PhD by training, his career spanned semiconductor research, leading a new business unit, and commercializing a whole range of technologies into successful spinoff companies. In this article I describe the hands-on methods he used to beat "not invented here" syndrome in his organization.

How successful innovators beat "not invented here" syndrome: A real-life example

The client asked for a design with no screws, so clips are chosen. However, the clip hook was broken during drop testing, what should we do?

Design tips for Clips

Your new PCBA project design needs to pass production validation testing (PVT) to prove it's ready for production. The planning you did for cost, quality assurance, quality control, and scalability now positions your project for success.

Fab Insights: PVT in PCBA Product Development

Engineers can further their sustainability focus during design and development

Sustainability through Digitalization in Engineering

AGRO Tooling Systems GmbH specializes in the manufacture of spare parts for mattress innerspring machines. In addition to contract manufacturing, mechanical engineering with in-house design has now become an important pillar of their business.

Fast and precise reverse engineering of spare parts for mattress innerspring production

Never design parts that you are unable to find in the product catalogue. - David Anderson

The Standardization of Parts

During assembly, operators often complained that some parts are difficult to be picked up, either too small of too heavy. Consequently, assembly efficiency was lowered down. How can designers figure out a better idea so that operators can pick up the parts easily? Here are some advice as below.

How to Design Parts That can Be Easily Picked Up

Computer-aided design (CAD) is defined as the use of computers to assist in the creation, modification, or optimization of a design. CAD software enables designers and engineers to model shapes and add features with the ultimate goal of producing parts.

3D Scanner for CAD : The Best 3D Scanners and Scan-to-CAD Softwares

Getting a hardware product to production is challenging. We can learn a lot from the experience of others, so in this article we'll discuss the key lessons learned by Picnic, a food automation company that automates pizza making.

6 Lessons Learned from Getting a Pizza Automation Machine to Production

The EVT Stage implements the design in its form, fit, and function to better inform stakeholders of your production intent. Don't rush this important milestone.

Fab Insights: EVT in PCBA Product Development

A new chemically designed lignin leads to stronger, lighter carbon fiber and better recycled plastics

By design: from waste to next-gen carbon fiber

Product design is the core of the entire industry chain, producing the maximum added value. While the product manufacturing is at the bottom of the industry chain, it generates the minimal added value.

What's the Role of Product Design

Open and honest communication is crucial to a successful design. Product and engineering decision-makers need to work in sync.

Electronics Production: Common Conflicts Between Engineers and Product Owners

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