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DC power supplies are available in switch-mode (also known as switching) or linear configurations of which switching power supply is preferred in modern-day electronics due to their low cost, compact design, and improved efficiency.

Switching vs Linear Power Supply: What's the difference

Rethinking the wind turbine: Students from Scotland are developing next-generation, intelligent, modular wind turbines.

The future of wind energy is modular

A team of researchers in Korea has been working on functional acoustic energy transmission (AET) systems, and their latest paper details a major breakthrough: Prototypes capable of powering LEDs, sensors, and Bluetooth transmitters at range and through materials include metal, tissue, and water.

A move to ultrasonic acoustics for wireless energy transmission could power implants, underwater sensors, and more

Battery cells come in rigid form factors that limit where and how they can be implemented in electric vehicles without forcing major design tradeoffs. Capacitech’s flexible energy storage products complements batteries, improves performance, enable features, and streamlines design.

Space Matters

case study

Article #3 of Connectivity and Sensing in Harsh Environments Series: Rugged switchgear connectors and terminations enable the handling of electrical energy safely and efficiently in the harsh environments of marine applications.

Switchgear Connectors and Terminals for Harsh Offshore Installations

Demonstrated at a small scale in the lab, this free-positioning wireless power transfer system offers a highly robust connection to moving receivers over a wide area using a "counter-intuitive" approach.

Movement-tracking wireless power transfer system could let electric vehicles charge as they drive

Our System Architect Electronics, Tom Kooyman, will take you through a journey of what makes Lightyear One’s battery special.

Lightyear One's Battery

Article 5 of the Power Conversion Series. An innovative transformer solution addresses many of the traditional challenges previous products had to solve.

Innovative Transformer Solution Addresses Traditional Challenges

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