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Accuracy, repeatability and stability were the key performance requirements specified for an actuator to be used in an automatic screwdriving application for AVK Plastics, a manufacturer of synthetic surface boxes and pallets based in the Netherlands.

Accurate and stable actuator for an automatic screwdriving application

To keep up with today’s demand, the food processing industry needs to be efficient; this means most of the tasks need to be automated. But in every automated system, there are a host of smaller components that perform simple yet essential processes.

HepcoMotion's 'Fit and Forget' Actuators Provide a Low Maintenance Solution in a High Duty Bread Manufacturing Application


Find out about the technology behind the revolution in the automated warehousing industry.

The Technology Behind The Automated Warehousing Revolution

Actuators are an integral part of instrumentation systems that power the machines that exist today. These devices make it possible for the machines to interact with their surroundings the way they do. In this article, we take a closer look at the omnipresent technology.

What is an Actuator? Principles, Classification, and Applications

Can this refractory metal be an efficient substitute material in microelectromechanical system (MEMS) thermal actuators?

Tantalizing tantalum actuators and sensors

A new type of soft micro-actuator could advance micro-manipulation of tissues during surgery, and the handling of delicate objects in the deep sea

A new spin for soft micro-actuators

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