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Case study

This solution for FAVI enables the automation of picking parts from bins using two KUKA robots navigated by 3D vision and robotic intelligence from Photoneo.

Automated bin picking of parts

Researchers have developed a technique that enables a robot to learn a new pick-and-place task with only a handful of human demonstrations.

An easier way to teach robots new skills

case study

The Irish Manufacturing Research developed an advanced solution for automated picking of bread products, which deploys a UR 5 robot navigated by 3D vision and robotic intelligence SW from Photoneo.

Robotic picking of croissants

Throughput is arguably one of the most important metrics in manufacturing as a higher throughput increases profit and can give a competitive advantage. Find out how one packaging company achieved a 25% increase in throughput compared to their previous system.

More bottles per minute: high production matters

case study

INGENERSUN, S.L. developed an advanced solution for automated unloading of tires, which was performed manually before. The solution consists of a FANUC robot, 3D vision and bin picking system from Photoneo, software from Bcnvision, and other components.

Robotic depalletization of tires

case study

Small batch sizes and a competitive market characterize the cosmetic industry. To survive in this market, producers must strive for maximum efficiency, capitalising on flexible production methods. Top class engineering and the most modern drive + control methods play a major role in achieving this.

How L'Oreal reduced throughput time from 10 hours to 15 minutes

case study

The automation of the production process of brake discs helped increase productivity and reduce the challenging nature of manually picking the brake discs from a bin.

Bin picking of casting discs

Researchers want to make picking robots smarter using distributed AI methods. To do this, they are investigating how to use training data from multiple stations, from multiple plants, or even companies without requiring participants to hand over sensitive company data.

Better gripping with intelligent picking robots

MIT alumnus-founded RightHand Robotics has developed picking robots that are more reliable and adaptable in warehouse environments.

Giving robots better moves

case study

The JAMK University of Applied Sciences uses Photoneo PhoXi 3D Scanner and Bin Picking Studio to test bin picking for external companies and their specific applications.

Bin picking application in a university lab

case study

The customer decided to automate one of its car body production processes to increase the degree of automation and reduce production costs. They decided for Photoneo technology based on its high accuracy and resolution, fast scanning speed, and other qualities it offers.

Innovative picking in the automotive industry by Volkswagen

case study

The solution consists of a tailor-made application based on accurate localization and robot-camera calibration. PhoXi 3D Scanner scans the object from two different positions to increase the reliability of measurement and robustness of localization.

Automated inspection of heat exchangers

KUKA.PickControl: robot-based software for conveyor tracking with integrated image processing.

Conveyor Tracking with Multiple Robots - KUKA.PickControl

case study

Picking of metallic objects belongs to one of the most commonly solved problems within the automation. This solution enables the automation of parts picking and their precise placing to a predefined location within the desired cycle time.

Pick and place of flat metal objects

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