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A new applied R&D center accelerates chip technology development towards industry and applications.

Netherlands tames the light in photonic chips

Arnaud Hubaux, Senior Technical Program Manager explains about optimization of ASML machines as part of a series from the founding partners of the AI Innovation Center at High Tech Campus Eindhoven.

AI helps us to squeeze every possible bit of performance out of our machines

Integrated photonics offers promising solutions in a range of automotive applications.

The Road Ahead for Integrated Photonics in Automotive

H2020-funded INSPIRE project to lead a revolution in photonic integrated circuits with so-called micro-transfer printing technology and establishment of world-first fabrication platform.

New project set to INSPIRE advances in photonic devices

Point of care (PoC) testing diagnoses patients at the point of need rather than in a medical facility reducing time to diagnosis and increasing patient care.

Integrated photonics: key enabler of bio-sensing for the fight against diseases

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