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Ionic circuit computes in an aqueous solution

Neural net computing in water

Neural field network doesn’t need to be trained on other samples

Machine learning generates 3D model from 2D pictures

A short guide to understanding the edge neural network design.

Neural Network Architectures at the Edge: Modelling for Energy Efficiency and Machine Learning Performance

Proven benchmarks provide a structured method for comparing ML/DL products and services.

The Art and Science of Benchmarking Neural Network Architectures

Researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and other institutions have developed a Flashover Prediction Neural Network (FlashNet) model to forecast the lethal events precious seconds before they erupt.

AI May Come to the Rescue of Future Firefighters

The student article explains an artificial intelligence-based system to detect human body patterns and movements for multiple targets in real-time to recognize their behaviors and classify them as either normal or abnormal.

Human Behavior Identification and Recognition System

A new type of neural network aced a virtual wine-tasting test and promises a less energy-hungry version of artificial intelligence.

Nanomagnets Can Choose a Wine, and Could Slake AI's Thirst for Energy

The new design is stackable and reconfigurable, for swapping out and building on existing sensors and neural network processors.

Engineers build LEGO-like artificial intelligence chip

A new neural network approach captures the characteristics of a physical system’s dynamic motion from video, regardless of rendering configuration or image differences.

A one-up on motion capture

Columbia computer scientists have built an algorithm that blocks a rogue microphone from correctly hearing your words—in English so far—80% of the time

Concerned Your Smartphone Is Spying on You?

Using an artificial neural network, researchers at ETH Zurich have created the first high-​resolution global vegetation height map for 2020 from satellite images.

Neural network can read tree heights from satellite images

In this episode, we talk about how robotic technology is being leveraged to create a system capable of handling pizza dough and to offer an autonomous alternative that should address the primary shortcomings of conventional wheelchairs.

Podcast: Pizzaiolo Robot & Autonomous Wheelchairs

A new technique could enable a robot to manipulate squishy objects like pizza dough or soft materials like clothing.

Solving the challenges of robotic pizza-making

A framework that uses both audio and image modality for event classification– tested on COVID-19 prescreening and battlefield object detection, later evaluated on the Raspberry Pi 4 single-board computer.

TinyM2Net Multimodal Learning Framework for Resource-Constrained Edge Devices

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