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One of the main things people are interested in when solving a complex robotic manipulator problem is the DoF and Functions. These two distinct pieces of terminology help to shortcut conversations and make sure everyone is talking on the same page!

'Degrees of Freedom' vs 'Functions' of a Robotic Arm

Maritime Mine Neutralization System will utilize RE2 Sapien™ Sea Class robotic arms

RE2 to Develop Underwater Autonomous System for the U.S. Navy

RE2 Robotics Receives $1 Million from U.S. Army to Create Robotic System for Autonomous Helicopter Refueling

RE2 to Create Autonomous Helicopter Refueling System for the U.S. Army

RE2 Sapien 6M Intelligent Robotic Arm Features an Unprecedented Strength-to-Weight Ratio

RE2 Sapien Heavy Lift Test

Autonomous system is designed to be used with aviation maintenance tools

RE2 Sapien Robotic Arms are a Force Multiplier for Aircraft Maintenance

Human-like capability in complex underwater environments

Exploring New Depths: RE2 Sapien Sea Class

RE2's new line of intelligent robotic arms are improving worker safety and productivity

RE2 Sapien Robotic Arms & Autonomy

case study

RE2 Sapien Sea Class™

Robotic Arms for Underwater Applications

case study

Solar Field Construction Case Study

Advanced Robotic Arm for Solar Field Construction

case study

Aerial Work Case Study

RE2 Sapien: Advanced Robotic Arm for Working at Height

What if robots​ could make the world better and safer for all?

SAE Tomorrow Today: How Robots and Humans Work Together for a Better Tomorrow

RE2 to develop a robotic manipulation solution for solar field construction

RE2 Announces Solar Program with U.S. Department of Energy

What quality means, and why it's a must-have for robotics

Quality in Medical Robotics

AI, computer vision and human-like robotic capability work together to create autonomous solutions for any environment

Can Robotic Arms Be Human-like?

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