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PhotonFirst develops and manufactures photonics sensing technologies to measure temperature, strain, pressure, shape and acceleration in objects ranging from buildings to airplanes to medical devices.

PhotonFirst wants to become global innovation leader in integrated photonics sensing

EPFL scientists have built a compact waveguide amplifier by successfully incorporating rare-earth ions into integrated photonic circuits. The device produces record output power compared to commercial fiber amplifiers, a first in the development of integrated photonics over the last decades.

Boosting light power revolutionizes communications and autopilot

A newly created nano-architected material exhibits a property that previously was just theoretically possible: it can refract light backward, regardless of the angle at which the light strikes the material.

Nano-architected material refracts light backward - an important step toward one day creating photonic circuits

Scientists in Switzerland and Germany have achieved efficient electron-beam modulation using integrated photonics – circuits that guide light on a chip. The experiments could lead to entirely new quantum measurement schemes in electron microscopy.

Integrated photonics meet electron microscopy

Visible-spectrum, compact, power-efficient, low-loss phase modulator is a breakthrough in integrated photonics; the device will improve LIDAR for remote sensing, AR/VR goggles, quantum information processing chips, implantable optogenetic probes, and more.

New Device Modulates Visible Light - Without Dimming It - with the Smallest Footprint and Lowest Power Consumption

Research scientists demonstrated ultrafast optical circuit switching using a chip-based soliton comb laser and a completely passive diffraction grating device. This particular architecture could enable an energy-efficient optical datacenter to meet enormous data bandwidth requirements in future.

Ultrafast optical switching can save overwhelmed datacenters

Integrated Photonics holds the potential to change data communication. Here’s a glimpse of the connected future.

Integrated Photonics in Data Communication: Applications in different sectors and trends

The H2020-funded INSPIRE project is leading a revolution in photonic integrated circuits with so-called micro-transfer printing technology and establishment of world-first fabrication platform.

INSPIRE project to lead a revolution in photonic integrated circuits

Next-gen simulation tools accelerate innovation for Integrated Photonic automotive applications.

Simulation accelerates the development of Photonic Integrated Circuits for automotive applications

A new applied R&D center accelerates chip technology development towards industry and applications.

Netherlands tames the light in photonic chips

EPFL scientists have developed ultralow-loss silicon nitride integrated circuits that are central for many photonic devices, such as chip-scale frequency combs, narrow-linewidth lasers, coherent LiDAR, and neuromorphic computing.

New tech builds ultralow-loss integrated photonic circuits

H2020-funded INSPIRE project to lead a revolution in photonic integrated circuits with so-called micro-transfer printing technology and establishment of world-first fabrication platform.

New project set to INSPIRE advances in photonic devices

Point of care (PoC) testing diagnoses patients at the point of need rather than in a medical facility reducing time to diagnosis and increasing patient care.

Integrated photonics: key enabler of bio-sensing for the fight against diseases

Physicists have developed the first synthetic dielectric surface where the propagation of electromagnetic waves isn’t hampered by existing defects and can be manipulated. In the future, such a structure will enable the creation of more reliable optical devices and communication circuits.

Scientists Created a Surface Allowing Loss-Free Propagation and Management of Light

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