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Case study

A car rental company uses the Photoneo 3D camera MotionCam-3D to inspect and identify defects on rental cars.

Automated car inspection with MotionCam-3D

Case study

Parallel Structured Light is the only technology that enables you to create colorful & high-quality 3D point clouds of large objects in motion. This opens up countless new applications. This virtual case study looks at the advanced inspection of large objects.

Automated inspection of large objects in motion

The Franka Emika cobot end joint allows for limitless rotation, which is ideal for screw driving. It can be used directly in a screw driving application due to the built-in force/torque sensing.

Franka Emika For Screwing and Inspection

ERIS is a computer vision-powered robot that scans retail store shelves and price tags in order to detect out-of-stock items and identify errors and inconsistencies in product prices. It provides data extraction and on-the-go analytics and sends instant error alerts to store operators and managers.

How AI robots disrupt retail

case study

An advanced solution for automated inspection of bricks that combines top technologies by Photoneo and PEKAT VISION.

Automated inspection of bricks

case study

Kinalisoft developed a solution for the automation of electrical inspection of PCBs. The system uses Photoneo 3D vision to get high-resolution and high-accuracy 3D data.

Automated inspection of PCBs

case study

ATEsystem developed a high-precision solution for automated inspection of heat exchangers, which uses Photoneo 3D vision for accurate navigation.

Automated inspection of heat exchangers by ATEsystem

case study

Berghof Testing developed a brilliant and innovative solution for optical quality testing. The system deploys two Photoneo PhoXi 3D Scanners and eliminates the shortcomings of conventional image processing systems.

Optical quality testing by Berghof

Able to climb stairs, navigate rough terrain, and respond to commands, Spot, the mobile robotic dog, offers researchers an autonomous technology for innovations in infrastructure maintenance and repair

Robot Dog Makes Infrastructure Maintenance a Walk in the Park

In this episode, we talk about Nissan’s new 50% thermally efficient internal combustion engine, the first 3D printed home for sale in the United States, and how NYPD is adding Boston Dynamic Spot robots to the police force.

Podcast: Nissan's Big Hybrid Bet, 3D Printing Your Future Home, NYPD's RoboPup

The New York Police Department has started using a robotic companion to ensure the safety of officers in potentially life-threatening environments

Meet Digidog, The Real Life Robocop

Ever tried to hold your breath for hours, up to 4km underwater to deploy, characterise or manipulate cabling or underwater infrastructure? It’s not something humans can do.

Robotics for Harsh Environments: Subsea

Gecko Robotics is the company behind the creation of industrial inspection robots to aid in the assessment of manufacturing machinery such as tanks, boilers, scrubbers, and piping over time.

Gecko Robotics: Wall climbing robot for Industrial Inspections

Robotic boats could more rapidly locate the most valuable sampling spots in uncharted waters.

Autonomous system improves environmental sampling at sea

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