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Touch screen user interface is ubiquitous on everything from smartphones, and laptops to ATMs. In this video, the Franka Emika robot tests the touchscreen functionality of two phones.

Franka Emika robot touchscreen device testing

In this video, the Franka Emika Robot is moving blank sheet metal into the machine where it is pressed.

Franka Emika Robot completing Automated press brake loading

Freedom to digitally design structures with continuous fiber trajectories enables 10x enhanced structural and other properties, this presents an opportunity to utilize composites in even more industrial applications.

How to Make Structure Production by Adding Reinforcement in Plastic?

Lights-out manufacturing refers to the manufacturing methodology where factories are fully-automated. While true lights-out factories are still rare today, manufacturers can look to companies like FANUC, in Japan, for inspiration.

Tracking Performance in Lights-Out Manufacturing

Case study

Airdri has two elements to the company – they design and Manufacture hand dryers and also elevator door detection systems and speech units all of which are distributed across the globe.

HepcoAutomation Case Study: Automated Soldering

Many manufacturers are struggling to find skilled labor for their manufacturing plants? According to the Society of Manufacturing Engineers, 89% of manufacturers are having difficulty finding skilled workers in the United States today.

Solving the Skilled Labor Shortage with Automation

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University’s Robotics Institute (RI) have developed an algorithmic planner that helps delegate tasks to humans and robots. The planner, “Act, Delegate or Learn” (ADL), considers a list of tasks and decides how best to assign them.

Researchers Develop Algorithm To Divvy Up Tasks for Human-Robot Teams

The switch to automation does require an investment in new technology, and it’s important to evaluate the status of your business before you embark on an investment that may fundamentally change the way your factory operates.

Is Your Manufacturing Plant Ready for Automation?

The fourth industrial revolution has the potential to fundamentally transform the way humans and machines work today. Will it lead to an improvement in the quality of life? Or will it be a cause of widespread job losses and unrest?

Reinventing Society with Intelligent Automation: Preparing for the Outcomes of the Next Industrial Revolution

Spie GmbH are responsible for the repair, maintenance and refurbishment of machinery for a leading train manufacturer in Germany. They were faced with a difficult problem: an old DUO welding system was broken down more than it was in operation and it was giving the company a constant headache.

Long, difficult and dirty: A linear guide system for a complex setup

More manufacturers than ever before are turning to automation to remain competitive in the global marketplace. Small businesses and large companies alike are now increasingly relying on robotic automation to free human laborers of repetitive tasks and boost productivity.

Top 10 Benefits of Automation with Industrial Robots

The MGV (Mechanical Guidance Vehicle) device is a self-controlling device without a driver. The guidance system of this device is mechanical, without a driver. Rough surfaces, which are one of the limitations of the AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) device, do not exist for this device.

Innovative MGV machine for transporting parts in production lines

Parts presentation isn’t always the easiest automation problem to solve but it can be one of the most important in determining the level of automation you can add to a production line.

Automation 101: Parts Presentation

The Franka Emika cobot end joint allows for limitless rotation, which is ideal for screw driving. It can be used directly in a screw driving application due to the built-in force/torque sensing.

Franka Emika For Screwing and Inspection

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