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Although robots cannot replace human caregivers, they can provide support so that caregivers have more time to provide the personal, human touch.

Robots for people in need of care

In a highly competitive environment, retailers are leveraging cutting-edge technologies to boost efficiency and run their businesses more effectively. AI-powered robots are transforming the retail sector by optimizing pricing strategies, inventory management, and more.

How AI-powered robots are transforming the retail industry

A team of graduate students in Caltech is developing a new method of generating gaits for robotic assistive devices, which aims to guarantee stability and achieve more natural locomotion for different users.

Making Robotic Assistive Walking More Natural

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University’s Robotics Institute (RI) have developed an algorithmic planner that helps delegate tasks to humans and robots. The planner, “Act, Delegate or Learn” (ADL), considers a list of tasks and decides how best to assign them.

Researchers Develop Algorithm To Divvy Up Tasks for Human-Robot Teams

Researchers modeled dynamic facial expressions of pain using a data-driven perception-based psychophysical method with visual-haptic interaction of users.

Robotic simulator for dynamic facial expression of pain in response to palpations

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