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Andrew Spielberg is a PhD student at MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory where he develops tools to automate both rigid and soft robot design.

Innovators Update S2E1: A Glove That Bridges The Gap Between Reality and Digitized Worlds

In a topsy-turvy world, we humans often take for granted our ability to pick up and handle objects of different weights and sizes. We’ve probably all had the experience of picking up a suitcase that we assume is quite heavy and realizing that it’s completely empty.

Robot stably swings objects into specific poses

Strings attached to hand, fingers create more realistic haptic feedback

New Device Simulates Feel of Walls, Solid Objects in Virtual Reality

A new joystick developed by startup MotionPilot lets users fly drones with just one hand in a fun, intuitive way. One version of this device includes a haptic feedback mechanism that gives users a sense of the drone’s position as it moves through the air.

Using haptic feedback joysticks to fly drones

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