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A student article showcasing an Android application called DOT-HAZMAT based on Machine Learning and Computer Vision that locates and categorizes HAZMAT placards in perilous rescue operations.

DOT-HAZMAT: An Android application for  detection of hazardous materials (HAZMAT)

The article presents a budget-focused and compact all-in-one air pollution monitoring unit that provides remote telemetry data for multiple air pollutants impactful on individual health, thereby providing a way to monitor them, and lead a broader change.

FRESH: Friendly peRsonalised Environmental  Screening for Healthy living

Building a tether less, biologically inspired robotic fish that takes dense three-dimensional temperature data throughout the ocean water column.

Biologically inspired robotic fish for dense 3D data collection

Smart buildings, as well as retrofitted older buildings, are using sensor technology to provide organizations with data about their environment.

How Sensor Data Can Help with Employee Wellbeing

Using an artificial neural network, researchers at ETH Zurich have created the first high-​resolution global vegetation height map for 2020 from satellite images.

Neural network can read tree heights from satellite images

case study

based on Xsens MTi-3

Ocean research benefits from new wave measurement sensor

In this episode, we talk about how a group at MIT has developed an easy-to-use handheld device to treat internal bleeding and a joint effort between MIT and Imperial College London which resulted in a marine mammal call sensor that can leverage machine learning models locally

Podcast: AI Powered Devices For Saving Lives & Studying Oceans

Designed to bring machine learning to the Earth's last great frontier, a prototype smart sensor platform users on-device inference to classify marine mammal calls — powering itself exclusively from the sounds it captures.

Ultra-efficient machine learning offers on-device inference powered solely by sound - under the sea

Research could enable monitoring of our oceans or exploration of alien ocean worlds

Engineers Teach AI to Navigate Ocean with Minimal Energy

Scientists have developed a new deep-learning model for counting the number of seals in aerial photos that is considerably faster than doing it by hand. With this new method, valuable time and resources could be saved which can be used to further study and protect endangered species.

Artificial intelligence helps speed up ecological surveys

As wildfires devastate multiple regions along the West Coast, Teledyne FLIR thermal imaging is being used to give firefighters an advantage when battling a blaze.

Teledyne FLIR Thermal Security Cameras Help Firefighters Monitor Wildfires in California

The active participation and adoption of measures by businesses are seen as key factors in the battle against climate change and this focus has led to a 47% increase, during 2021, of major companies signing up to the United Nations’ ‘Race to Zero’ campaign.

Is this our last chance to control climate change?

Thanks to their swimming robot modeled after a lamprey, EPFL scientists may have discovered why some vertebrates are able to retain their locomotor capabilities after a spinal cord lesion.

Swimming robot gives fresh insight into locomotion and neuroscience

By analyzing peoples’ visitation patterns to essential establishments like pharmacies, religious centers and grocery stores during Hurricane Harvey, researchers at Texas A&M University have developed a framework to assess the recovery of communities after natural disasters in near real time.

Big data-derived tool facilitates closer monitoring of recovery from natural disasters

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