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with Xsens MVN Animate

How Xsens technology bring mixed-reality into Strictly Come Dancing

Case study

with Xsens MVN Animate

How Team Rolfes use Xsens to create out-of-this-world experiences

Case study

with Xsens MVN suits

Ubisoft hits the slopes for the Riders Republic

case study

An Interview with with Ben Kee, Founder Anomalyst Studio

Live Movement in a Virtual World with Xsens x Anomalyst Studio

#2 of our 'Voice of Innovation' fireside chat series, in which Syntiant CEO Kurt Busch talks with innovator Gustav Hoegen

Fireside Chat with Star Wars Animatronic Designer Gustav Hoegen

In-engine Positional And Object Tracking

MVN Animate 2020, revolutionizing inertial motion capture

Dan Kara is Vice President at WTWH Media, a media company that serves engineering, business and investment professionals through 40+ web sites, 5 print publications, along with many other technical and business events.

How a trip to Japan started Robotics Trends & RoboBusiness with Dan Kara

We all love robots. Every year millions of people flock to see the latest reiteration of Transformers. This is why KFC has decided to use RoboCop to safeguard their secret recipe in their latest commercial. We loved Iron Man so much that we made Robert Down the highest paid actor among the Avengers.

Robotics startups dont succeed

Wevolver 2022