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The article introduces the automated deposition methods for automated production focusing on the step-by-step process - Design of Tooling, Programming and Simulation of Automated Placement Processes, and Program Generation.

How to Conduct Composites Design for Automated Production?

An effective IoT business model delivers added value to customers and allows seamless product monetization.

8 IoT Business Models for Connected Product Strategy

BottleFit framework applied DNN models in image classification achieves 77.1% data compression with up to 0.6% accuracy loss on the ImageNet dataset.

Advanced Split Computing Strategy to Achieve High Accuracy under Strong Compression Rates

CFU Playground: Customize and co-optimize your ML processor to bring Tiny Machine Learning Acceleration on FPGA

Iterative Design Approach of ML Accelerators FPGA-based RISC-V Core

Emanuel Oprea, a software engineer at rinf.tech, shares a story of how he accidentally identified a user near during the last year's Covid-19 lockdown and built a market-ready router VPN manager to help democratize access to streaming content and services.

From a simple bash script into a full-fledged router VPN management solution

This article provides a comparison between NB-IoT and LTE-M protocols and explores how NB-IoT facilitates energy-efficient and latency-tolerant IoT solutions for hard-to-reach locations.

How NB-IoT facilitates energy-efficient and latency-tolerant IoT solutions

The project with partners from science and industry aims to develop new methods and processes for the car of the future and its effective use of data

Software-Defined Car: Fundamentals for the Cars of the Future

KIT coordinates new EU project XANDAR - "X-by-Construction" delivers standardized tool chain for software development and hardware-software integration

Security for embedded systems

The Danish Technological Institute, together with the Funen horticulture Alfred Petersen & Søn, robot integrator Egatec A/S and Belgian Bogaerts have developed the world’s first intelligent tomato-picking machine.

Machine Learning Software for Detecting Ripe Tomatoes using Artificial intelligence

Apps developed by MIT spinout Tulip help manufacturers augment employee production rather than automating it away.

Software to empower workers on the factory floor

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