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If the transition to renewables is to succeed, we will need a viable means of storing surplus heat and electricity. Globe spoke to experts from ETH Zurich about the promising technologies that could help us reach net zero.

Electricity and heat on demand


The collaborative nature of open source projects brings together people across the world to work towards improving and monitoring our natural resources.

Open Source Projects for Improving Air and Water Quality

A new nanophotonic material has broken records for high-temperature stability, potentially ushering in more efficient electricity production and opening a variety of new possibilities in the control and conversion of thermal radiation.

Heat-resistant nanophotonic material could help turn heat into electricity

The new approach moves energy efficiently and could reduce energy losses converting light into electricity.

Photosynthesis copycat may improve solar cells

At the DVT stage, your design is not yet ready for manufacturing. All certifications, qualifications, and specification requirements get tested now.

Fab Insights: DVT in PCBA Product Development

The EVT Stage implements the design in its form, fit, and function to better inform stakeholders of your production intent. Don't rush this important milestone.

Fab Insights: EVT in PCBA Product Development

Magnetism is a force exerted by charged particles in motion that allows them to attract/repel other moving charged particles. The universal phenomenon is responsible for shaping the world as we know it.

What is Magnetism? Examples of Magnetic Substances

After taking a hit during the pandemic, utilities around the globe are getting back on track to modernize aging electricity distribution grids.

Using IoT to get the most out of smart grids

This student article explains the concept of Bladeless Wind Turbine wind power plants that can work optimally in areas with low wind speeds (3 to 8 m/s). We explore how the design can be optimized further to work at places with even lower wind availability.

Optimization of Mechanical Design Bladeless Wind Turbine for Electricity Fulfillment in Nusa Tenggara Timur, Indonesia

The best designs must consider all available opportunities to reduce costs at the outset. We give some common sense guidelines that can make a difference in your bottom line.

Engineering Designs For Reduced Costs

The excitement of seeing a new system operate for the first time is deflated when a component releases your arch-nemesis: magic smoke.

Top 10 Causes of Magic Smoke

The ability to turn superconductivity off and on with a literal flip of a switch in so-called "magic-angle twisted graphene" has allowed engineers at Caltech to observe an unusual phenomenon that may shed new light on superconductivity in general.

Unusual Superconductivity Observed in Twisted Trilayer Graphene

Using public electricity and solar panels for the easy and hassle-free charging of Electric Vehicles is an interesting solution to combat the problem of the unavailability of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station from Public Electricity and Solar Panels

Even though both these electrical switches have similar working principles, there are specific differences you should be aware of before making a decision to get one for your application.

Contactor vs Relay electrically operated switches: Understanding the differences

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