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Solid-state batteries could play a key role in electric vehicles, promising faster charging, greater range and longer lifespan than conventional lithium-ion batteries. But current manufacturing and materials processing techniques leave solid-state batteries prone to failure.

Fixing a hidden flaw could unlock better batteries for electric vehicles

In this episode, we talk about a TUM spin-off - DeepDrive that wants to address the difficulties in making new EVs from scratch by developing a “plug-and-play” platform along with DLR proposal for a hydrogen plug-in hybrid interurban vehicle to meet the carbon reduction targets of the European Union

Podcast: The Future of EVs: Hydrogen Hybrids and Plug & Play Platform

Watch the full interview here.

Interview with Sanjay Dastoor, founder of Boosted and Skip

As the University Technology Exposure Program 2022 enters its final month, we continue to receive submissions spanning different domains of technology. Submissions published in June included articles related to healthcare, electric vehicles, data analytics, smart cities, and smart manufacturing.

University Technology Exposure Program 2022: June Update

System developed at the University of Michigan saves time and money in the race to create better batteries for the electric vehicle revolution

New approach reduces EV battery testing time by 75 percent

Using public electricity and solar panels for the easy and hassle-free charging of Electric Vehicles is an interesting solution to combat the problem of the unavailability of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station from Public Electricity and Solar Panels

Local governments and policymakers are anxious about the U.S. grid’s ability to withstand ever-increasing demand. Consumers could hold the key to an untapped resource.

How Electric Vehicles Could Fix the Electrical Grid

Battery cells come in rigid form factors that limit where and how they can be implemented in electric vehicles without forcing major design tradeoffs. Capacitech’s flexible energy storage products complements batteries, improves performance, enable features, and streamlines design.

Space Matters

EPFL has joined six other Swiss research institutions in CircuBAT, an initiative selected for the first Innosuisse Flagship program, in order to develop a circular business model for lithium-ion batteries.

Electric car batteries could soon get a second lease on life

Besides being a product manager for robotics and autonomous vehicles at Vanderlande and a former member of the Stella Team, a research group within TU/e that develops solar-powered family cars, Liselotte Graas is a singer, a documentary creator and host

Female Tech Heroes role models no.21 - Liselotte Graas: "Opportunities arrive when we dare to say 'yes' to the chances that we are given"

Light Electric Vehicles (LEVs) have great potential to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the transport sector and thus contribute to climate protection. Half of the kilometres currently driven by car in Germany could theoretically be covered by LEVs.

More than 40 percent less emissions through light electric vehicles

With the Interurban Vehicle (IUV), the German Aerospace Center (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt; DLR) has developed a ground-breaking concept for mid- and upper range vehicles.

Interurban Vehicle - Green and comfortable travel even on long journeys

New Airspeeder EXA pilot Fabio Tischler AKA @fabreezy has been training hard in our Speeder flight simulator, in preparation for his first-ever flight test in the field.

How to Learn to Fly a Racing eVTOL in the Simulator - Fabio Tischler

This study presents a simple approach to preparing a robust surface modified nickel-rich cathode material for Li-ion battery application. A detailed comparison of the importance of cathode and the present study to make a big difference in achieving the low-cost future battery are explained.

Surface engineered nickel-rich cathode material enabling high power discharge for Li-ion battery applications

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