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The four-​seater electric aircraft “e-​Sling”, which was developed by ETH students, has taken flight for the first time. The student project has taken two years and a lot of dedication.

The e-Sling electric aircraft takes off

DLR supports new test flight programme by Airbus and its subsidiary Airbus UpNext for CO2-emission-free flight. The 'Blue Condor' project investigates the effects of contrails from hydrogen engines.

Analysing the contrails of the future

New Airspeeder EXA pilot Fabio Tischler AKA @fabreezy has been training hard in our Speeder flight simulator, in preparation for his first-ever flight test in the field.

How to Learn to Fly a Racing eVTOL in the Simulator - Fabio Tischler

Alauda Aeronautics and Airspeeder Founder and CEO Matt Pearson looks back on the successes of 2021 and early 2022: from our partnerships with IWC and Telstra, to our EXA Series Drag Race and recruitment of our first pilots.

Getting ready for Airspeeder's eVTOL racing in 2022 - Alauda Aeronautics

Alauda Aeronautics Embedded Software Engineer Florian Breut runs through the steps to validate the new control layouts: through simulation, smaller drones and then in full-scale integration with the Mk3C in flight and race testing environments.

How do you control an eVTOL racing vehicle? - Alauda Aeronautics Taking Flight

In this episode, the Alauda engineering team implements improvements to our Global Navigation Satellite Systems or GNSS. What is GNSS? More popularly known as GPS, we need these navigation systems to track the exact positions of racing Alauda Mk3Cs.

How GPS and autonomous safety systems improve pilot safety - Alauda Aeronautics

Meet Emily Duggan, Fabio Tischler and Zephatali Walsh. They will race Speeders in the Airspeeder and EXA race series in 2022 and beyond.

Meet The World's First Racing EVTOL Pilots

In this Taking Flight episode we investigate how Alauda Aeronautics engineers are implementing new battery access designs, First Person View (FPV) capabilities and weight-saving measures for the Alauda Mk3C.

Race eVTOL FPV prep, weight reduction and pitstop timesaving - Alauda Aeronautics Taking Flight

5G communications between eVTOL race Speeders and our Alauda Aeronautics engineers at race control is critically important to making the first electric flying racing car series a reality.

Why 5G is key to making eVTOL racing a reality - Alauda Aeronautics Taking Flight

Discussion about climate-friendly flying from the perspective of propulsion technology, atmospheric research and energy systems.

Discussing climate-neutral flight

In this update, we dive into the life of the Alauda Aeronautics engineering and design team during the month of October. The mission: get two Alauda Mk3 Speeders flying simultaneously.

Race eVTOL commissioning, 5G connectivity and race control building begins - Alauda Taking Flight

In Airspeeder’s first-ever EXA Series pre-season test race - known as the EXA Drag Race - two remotely-flown Alauda Aeronautics Mk3 Speeders are pitched in a battle of pure speed down a 300m drag strip.

The first ever electric VTOL drag race - Airspeeder's EXA Series

In this episode, we talk about some of our favorite projects from Wevolver’s Student Researcher Program ranging from hydrogen powered cars and planes, a novel approach for battery recycling, and an innovative machine for boring new tunnels for hyperloop systems.

Podcast: Special: Students Building The Future

Ever wondered what happens during a test flight for our eVTOL race vehicles?

How to flight test an eVTOL race vehicle - Alauda Aeronautics Taking Flight

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