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When we choose what to buy, we usually look at the expiration date, brand, quality seals, ingredients, and price. But how do you know if the manufacturer is fully honest – or that the product was properly stored during shipping or while on the shelf?

Smart Packaging Explained

Solder flux has a large impact on final product quality. This article reviews how to use flux during soldering and how to decide on the right technology options for your project.

A Practical Guide to Solder Flux

Built to perfection, Pagani Automobili combines beauty and attention to detail with the best racing technology

How Pagani Automobili uses 3D scanners to optimize manufacturing and quality control

Your new PCBA project design needs to pass production validation testing (PVT) to prove it's ready for production. The planning you did for cost, quality assurance, quality control, and scalability now positions your project for success.

Fab Insights: PVT in PCBA Product Development

KIT researchers are developing a process with which, for the first time, mirrors with a reflection of more than 99 percent can be printed in variable sizes

Highly reflective mirrors from the inkjet printer

Glass processing is particularly demanding on linear motion components with its abrasive environment and high production rates. Glass edge grinding is a common process where the sharp edges of cut raw glass are finished for safe handling and to reduce chipping defects that can lead to breakages.

Hostile glass seaming application requires heavy duty, corrosion resistant modular solution

A brief guide to creating a digital twin with LoRaWAN® sensors.

Digital Twins: As good as the sum of their parts

Deep-learning algorithms are enabling powerful video analytics. A practical use in manufacturing is monitoring human actions in manual operations. Some assemblies require specific torquing sequences, which can't always be tracked with traditional methods. AI-based Computer Vision advances quality management.

Computer Vision Ensures Proper Assembly Sequences

Open and honest communication is crucial to a successful design. Product and engineering decision-makers need to work in sync.

Electronics Production: Common Conflicts Between Engineers and Product Owners

DESMA’s unit sole machine is a real heavyweight; the casting unit alone weighs 270kg and moves on linear guides, pouring liquid polyurethane into moulds. In order to reliably carry out the task with shoe manufacturers worldwide, DESMA relies on robust linear technology from HepcoMotion.

Robust linear guides enable constant operation in shoe manufacturing process

The smallest design decisions can have a significant impact on the cost of your CNC machined parts. Do you know how to reduce the cost by a few adjustments to your part design? Please have a look at the 5 design tips which contain processing hole, manufacturing surface and parts depth.

5 Design Tips to Cut the Cost When Manufacturing Your Parts

Case study

Polymateria are British innovators and inventors of the world’s first self-destructing plastic technology. The company approached Protolabs for digital manufacturing support in raising awareness of the issue and their ground-breaking technology that could ultimately help solve it.

Protolabs helps sustainable plastic innovators Lyfecycle join the race for climate awareness at Extreme E

Compare injection-moulded thermoplastics to ‘thermoplastic-like’ materials in stereolithography

Selecting a Material for Stereolithography (SLA) 3D Printing

Case study

WeMed partnered with Nexa3D to help produce SKOP™ — the world’s first 3D printed stethoscope.

Making a Mark on Medical Device Production

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