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Touch screen user interface is ubiquitous on everything from smartphones, and laptops to ATMs. In this video, the Franka Emika robot tests the touchscreen functionality of two phones.

Franka Emika robot touchscreen device testing

In this video, the Franka Emika Robot is moving blank sheet metal into the machine where it is pressed.

Franka Emika Robot completing Automated press brake loading

Technology for creating 3D force and proximity sensors based on silicone, offering also the ability to customize shape and characteristcs. Key application is in collaborative robots

3D-shaped mechanically-compliant soft force, pressure, or proximity sensor with ease of integration and good reliability data?

The Franka Emika cobot end joint allows for limitless rotation, which is ideal for screw driving. It can be used directly in a screw driving application due to the built-in force/torque sensing.

Franka Emika For Screwing and Inspection

As seen in the video, the Franka Emika cobot is being tested for compliance. The Franka Emika Robot features seven degrees of freedom (DoF) and seven axes of motion, which allows the cobot to move as quickly as a human hand.

Franka Emika Robot Compliance Test

In this video, Franka Emika cobot is carrying out assembly operations on a task board designed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Franka Emika Robot solving the NIST task board

The Franka Emika cobot automates the loading and unloading of electrical test systems for PCBs. This involves the transportation of the PCB into a test system for electrical testing and out again after the test has been completed.

Automated PCB Testing with Franka Emika Robot

With a revolution in robot programming coming in the form of easy to use collaborative and industrial robots, more machine shops are taking on automation projects.

High Mix Manufacturing - Simplified with Task Canvas Blocks

The Franka Emika Robot cobot has quick precision screwing capabilities for a variety of applications. The seating control strategy capability, for example, secures a precise clamping torque by adjusting the final target torque based on the seating torque.

Franka Emika Robot Screwing Capabilities

Franka Emika Robot was created primarily for human-robot collaboration. Robot belongs to the group of so-called lightweight robots, weighing 18 kg, and is capable of manipulating objects weighing up to 3 kg with its secure gripper.

Franka Emika Robot for Board Assembly

Franka Emika Robot is a smart manufacturing robot system with the ability to treat chips with tremendous care and to act with extraordinary precision.

PCB Manufacturing Process with Franka Emika Robot

Franka Emikas Robot is an Industrie 4.0 capable robot system with the ability to learn from its experiences and teach itself new things. With minimal human assistance, the robot learns from data, recognizes patterns, and makes judgments.

Smart Robot - Franka Emika Robot Machine Learning

Franka Emika Robot is a collaborative robot (cobot) that is able to handle delicate products like the chips during chip testing while maintaining speed and accuracy. Its built-in sensors and vacuum gripper enable it to pick up, examine and place chips much faster than human counterparts.

Chip Testing by Franka Emika Robot

With the help of artificial intelligence and four collaborative robots, researchers at ETH Zurich are designing and fabricating a 22.5-​metre-tall green architectural sculpture.

Robots build new hanging gardens

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