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Do you know how to increase manufacturing efficiency for your CNC parts? There are 4 design tips about clamp in CNC Machining.

4 Design Tips to Improve Manufacturing Efficiency for Your CNC Parts

The client asked for a design with no screws, so clips are chosen. However, the clip hook was broken during drop testing, what should we do?

Design tips for Clips

Never design parts that you are unable to find in the product catalogue. - David Anderson

The Standardization of Parts

During assembly, operators often complained that some parts are difficult to be picked up, either too small of too heavy. Consequently, assembly efficiency was lowered down. How can designers figure out a better idea so that operators can pick up the parts easily? Here are some advice as below.

How to Design Parts That can Be Easily Picked Up

The smallest design decisions can have a significant impact on the cost of your CNC machined parts. Do you know how to reduce the cost by a few adjustments to your part design? Please have a look at the 5 design tips which contain processing hole, manufacturing surface and parts depth.

5 Design Tips to Cut the Cost When Manufacturing Your Parts

An evaluation of a range of durable materials to consider for high UV-resistance in plastic parts

Evaluating UV-Resistant Plastic Options

Are you aware of a component does not create added value, while is significant and indispensable for products? That is fasteners. For a product, a fastener only fixes the parts, and has barely no effect on the utilization.

Design Guidelines for Manufacturing and Assembly - Reducing the quantity and type of fasteners

Case study

A medical company sought to develop a new biochemistry analyzer product. Development was stalled due to the complex structure of a component and the small quality required. Then they found RPWORLD to help them get out of the dilemma.

Pilot Production of Biochemistry Analyser

Have you considered the machining requirements for part when you are designing the CNC machining parts? On the premise of meeting the function, cosmetic appearance and reliability of products, the design of CNC parts should be easy for manufacturing and cost-efficient.

5 Design Tips to Make Your CNC Parts Easy for Milling

The earlier you start thinking about application in the design process, the more effective and economical your finished design will be. This design tip will help you keep in mind a frequently overlooked consideration — Assembly.

One More Consideration for Your Part Design - Assembly

Holes designing are crucial for the connection of drilling parts, and it can directly affect the manufacturing difficulty and cost. To realize on-budget and time-efficient CNC manufacturing, here 5 design guidelines about holes for your CNC drilling parts.

5 Design Guidelines for Your Drilling Parts


The line between CNC milling and turning can sometimes be very confusing, so deciding which machine is the best fit for producing your part can be complicated. In this video we look at when you can – and should - make cylindrical parts using a lathe, considering shape, size and engraving your parts.

Protolabs Insight - CNC Turning

Under the premise of ensuring the function and quality of the product, simplified design and fewer parts can reduce product cost, shorten product development cycle and improve product development quality. Here are the ideas on how to reduce the quantity of parts

Design Guidelines for Manufacturing and Assembly - How to Reduce the Quantity of Parts

The following article is the differences of Injection Molding, CNC Machining, and Urethane Casting in detail, including processes themselves, manufacturing lead times, relationships of part quantities and cost, materials, the right process in different development stages.

Injection Molding VS CNC Machining VS Urethane Casting, Which Do You Choose

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