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Cutkosky applies analyses, simulations, and experiments to the design and control of robotic hands, tactile sensors, and devices for human/computer interaction. In manufacturing, his work focuses on design tools for rapid prototyping.

Soft Robotics With Mark Cutkosky "Gecko Climbing Robots"

Gecko Robotics is the company behind the creation of industrial inspection robots to aid in the assessment of manufacturing machinery such as tanks, boilers, scrubbers, and piping over time.

Gecko Robotics: Wall climbing robot for Industrial Inspections

By introducing robots for the inspection, multiple inspection processes can be executed in parallel. This speeds up the overall inspection process, which today often is performed on a section-by-section basis through a single inspector.

A magnetic climbing robot for inspection of steel structures.

Robots can drive on the plains and craters of Mars, but what if we could explore cliffs, polar caps and other hard-to-reach places on the Red Planet and beyond?

For Climbing Robots, the Sky's the Limit

A soft and flexible leech-shaped robot that can climb vertical walls has been developed as part of a collaborative research project.

The wall-climbing robot inspired by a leech

New “HAMR-E” robots could enable inspection of complex machines without dismantling them

Robots with sticky feet can climb up, down, and all around

A team of researchers tested their gripper in multiple zero-gravity settings, including the International Space Station.

How a gecko-inspired robotic gripper can help clean up space debris

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