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Article #5 Altair Startup Series. How startups can accelerate growth and effectively use artificial intelligence for quality assurance, data analytics, and other critical engineering tasks.

AI-powered Engineering Technology for Data-driven Solutions

Led by Saptarshi Das, Penn State associate professor of engineering science and mechanics, researchers developed a smart hardware platform, or chip, to mitigate energy consumption while adding a layer of security.

Smart chip senses, stores, computes and secures data in one low-power platform

In this episode, we talk about how engineers are tackling the problem of sorting through piles using robotics and a platform that leverages fake data to train robots more efficiently.

Podcast: Teaching Robots To Find Buried Objects

This student article explains Precise Political Event Detection using Spatio-Temporal Analysis (PPED-STA) Schemes proposed by political event mapping through the extraction of data from the archives of web news.

Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Archived Web News for Precise Political Event Detection and Impact Analysis in India's Southern States

A way to expand training data sets for manipulation tasks improves the performance of robots by 40% or more

'Fake' data helps robots learn the ropes faster

In this episode, we talk about how researchers plan to orchestrate the movement of a fleet of cars in real-time to avoid or minimize waiting periods at stoplights and how off-road navigation is being tackled in a way that’ll make your car understand the dynamics of its surroundings like a human.

Podcast: Off-roading & Ending Stoplights With Autonomous Cars

Researchers from Carnegie Mellon University took an all-terrain vehicle on wild rides through tall grass, loose gravel and mud to gather data about how the ATV interacted with a challenging, off-road environment.

Roboticists Go Off Road To Compile Data That Could Train Self-Driving ATVs

How retail uses IoT, AI, Computer Vision, VR, and AR to transform into an automated, data-rich, and highly personalized environment.

How Technology Turns Retail Into a Data-Driven Industry: Real-World Cases and Trends

Smart buildings, as well as retrofitted older buildings, are using sensor technology to provide organizations with data about their environment.

How Sensor Data Can Help with Employee Wellbeing

A smart building is a building that uses technology to capture data which is used to enable automatic,..

What Does It Mean To Retrofit Your Building? (+ Benefits)

Human biases are well documented, from the implicit to the explicit and they have always existed but as algorithms and big data increasingly run our lives these biases become embedded in everything.

Girl Power: Can we Break the Bias in Al and Beyond?

How technology can transform dark data into actionable insights.

Bridging The Time And Intelligence Chasm

A team of experts in artificial intelligence and animal ecology have put forth a new, cross-disciplinary approach intended to enhance research on wildlife species and make more effective use of the vast amounts of data now being collected thanks to new technology.

Artificial intelligence and big data can help preserve wildlife

Hardware and software engineers will be the lifeblood of tomorrow's connected world. Academia is working hard to ensure a steady supply, in part by adapting engineering education to train the next generation of IoT innovators.

Educating the next generation of coders

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