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By continuously monitoring a patient’s gait speed, the system can assess the condition’s severity between visits to the doctor’s office.

In-home wireless device tracks disease progression in Parkinson's patients

In this episode, we talk about how a team from MIT is making the most well known creative AI - Dall-E - even better at creativity!

Podcast: Dall-E, But Better

Researchers develop a new method that uses multiple models to create more complex images with better understanding.

AI system makes models like DALL-E 2 more creative

Researchers increase the accuracy and efficiency of a machine-learning method that safeguards user data.

Collaborative machine learning that preserves privacy

In this episode, we talk about how Toyota and Stanford are collaborating to utilize AI for drifting controls and the efforts behind a team at TUM which has resulted in an autonomous race car performing at the capacity of an amateur F1 driver.

Podcast: The Autonomous Race & Drift Cars Of The Not So Distant Future

Article #5 Altair Startup Series. How startups can accelerate growth and effectively use artificial intelligence for quality assurance, data analytics, and other critical engineering tasks.

AI-powered Engineering Technology for Data-driven Solutions

Deep-learning algorithms are enabling powerful video analytics. A practical use in manufacturing is monitoring human actions in manual operations. Some assemblies require specific torquing sequences, which can't always be tracked with traditional methods. AI-based Computer Vision advances quality management.

Computer Vision Ensures Proper Assembly Sequences

Artificial intelligence (AI) is showing significant promise in medical imaging. To translate this promise to reality requires rigorous evaluation of these algorithms.

Evaluation of AI for medical imaging: A key requirement for clinical translation

On its own, a new machine-learning model discovers linguistic rules that often match up with those created by human experts.

AI that can learn the patterns of human language

Interdisciplinary team tackles complexity of clinical data in perioperative care

Predicting surgical outcomes with machine learning

Resilient robot teams juggle competing priorities without deadlock

Resilient robots

Researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and other institutions have developed a Flashover Prediction Neural Network (FlashNet) model to forecast the lethal events precious seconds before they erupt.

AI May Come to the Rescue of Future Firefighters

For now, at least, machines need humans as much as humans need machines. At this intersection, machine learning (ML) offers intriguing possibilities for managing the billions of end devices that comprise the IoT. ML is a practical, mathematical field.

Harnessing man and machine's strengths for better IoT outcomes with ML

In a highly competitive environment, retailers are leveraging cutting-edge technologies to boost efficiency and run their businesses more effectively. AI-powered robots are transforming the retail sector by optimizing pricing strategies, inventory management, and more.

How AI-powered robots are transforming the retail industry

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