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Food processing techniques require the removal of moisture from the crop without destroying its nutritional qualities. The article proposes a dehydrator/oven whose temperature and humidity can be perfectly controlled and its generated heat is evenly distributed in its drying chamber.

Conceptual design of smart multi-farm produce dehydrator using a low-cost PLC and Raspberry Pi

Why is asparagus one of the most expensive vegetables in Europe? Because harvesters have to painstakingly pierce each stalk individually. A robot could change this, and engineers at the Bremen Centre for Mechatronics (BCM) are developing one.

Harvesting robots could make green asparagus cheaper

Working directly with oyster farmers, MIT students are developing a robot that can flip heavy, floating bags of oysters, helping the shellfish to grow and stay healthy.

Meet the Oystamaran

In this episode, we talk about how robotic systems are being leveraged to assist farmers in streamlining their operations.

Podcast: How Robotic Farming Will Make Produce Better & Cheaper

The use of adaptive swarm robotics has the potential to provide significant environmental and economic benefits to smart agriculture efforts globally through the implementation of autonomous ground and aerial technologies.

Adaptive swarm robotics could revolutionize smart agriculture

In this episode, we talk about how computer vision works and discuss an application coming out of the Technical University of Denmark that can help dairy farmers remove weeds from their fields.

Podcast: How Computer Vision Is Changing Your World

A large image database forms the basis for the training of a small robot which—in future—will remove unwanted weeds from organic pastures.

Robot trained to remove weeds from organic fields

A radical collaboration between a biologist and an engineer is supercharging efforts to protect grape crops. The technology they’ve developed, using robotics and AI to identify grape plants infected with a devastating fungus, will soon be available to researchers nationwide

Facial recognition AI helps save multibillion dollar grape crop

A short guide to the technologies behind the next agricultural revolution.

Enabling the sustainable transformation of agriculture with the Internet of Things

When it comes to DC Gear Motors, the two most popular options are Planetary and Spur gear motors. Learn which is the best fit for your next project.

DC Gear Motors: Planetary vs. Spur Gearheads

Researchers in Penn State’s College of Agricultural Sciences have developed a robotic mechanism for mushroom picking and trimming and demonstrated its effectiveness for the automated harvesting of button mushrooms.

Researchers develop prototype of robotic device to pick, trim button mushrooms

In this episode, we talk about the next-gen lunar rover built by Lockheed and GM for NASA’s Artemis mission, how a frustrated tech CEO made a rock-picking robot, and an initiative from University of Manchester to reduce global CO2 emissions by 2% using graphene-enhanced concrete.

Podcast: NASA's New Moon Buggy, Rock Picking Robot, Super-Strong Concrete

TerraClear is developing an autonomous system to remove rocks from farmland, making it easier for farmers to get their fields ready for planting.

TerraClear: The Autonomous Rock-Picking Solution

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As a new era of digital farming dawns, new technology from Slovenia is harnessing AI and data gathering to give orchard and vineyard owners the edge

Slovenian startup applies robotics and AI to agriculture

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