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Adding cellular connectivity to your Raspberry Pi can be done in a few simple steps.

Add cellular connectivity to your Raspberry Pi

The most successful computer ever to come out of the UK celebrates its tenth anniversary this year.

The life of Pi: Ten years of Raspberry Pi

A framework that uses both audio and image modality for event classification– tested on COVID-19 prescreening and battlefield object detection, later evaluated on the Raspberry Pi 4 single-board computer.

TinyM2Net Multimodal Learning Framework for Resource-Constrained Edge Devices

The CyberSpec framework is designed to detect anomalous behavior linked to cyber-attacks against crowd-sensing spectrum sensors, even when said sensors are running on lightweight resource-constrained hardware like a Raspberry Pi.

CyberSpec turns machine learning onto the problem of spectrum sensor attacks, without overloading the host

For the first class she would teach as a member of the Caltech faculty, Katie Bouman wanted to help her students unleash the power of computational cameras.

Teaching Imaging Techniques with Raspberry Pi and Scotch Tape

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