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USound MEMS loudspeakers can be evaluated in both acoustic domains: baffle and coupler conditions.

How to measure USound MEMS loudspeakers

In this article, we will demonstrate how MEMS-based microspeakers outperform the traditional voice coil-based microspeakers, and how manufacturers can benefit from a more reliable component to build more ergonomic and unique audio devices.

Why USound MEMS speakers outperform electrodynamic and balanced armature micro speakers

ETH researchers have devised an ingenious method of using acoustics to conceal and simulate objects.

Acoustic illusions

Most components in consumer electronics are silicon-based. The last component that is still manufactured traditionally is the loudspeaker — until now. Loudspeakers using USound MEMS technology offer a multitude of inherent advantages, compared to traditional ED or BA speakers.

Inherent characteristics of USound MEMS speakers

Talking about target curves

How earphones should sound

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