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Why can microLED technology can help narrow the energy gap in electronic devices? The first slide shows the battery gap- Ahmed (Intel) has collected data by year showing that power demand of phones far exceeds the power supply level of batteries, creating a "battery gap" which ...

Why can microLED technology help narrow the energy gap in electronic devices?

Turning previously ‘dumb’ LED streetlighting ‘smart’ is one of the easiest cost-to-benefit propositions in smart city because it effectively pays for itself.

Smart street lighting and cellular IoT is the gateway to the smart city

In this episode, we talk about how performance limitations of current microchips are being addressed by utilizing novel materials like graphene and bioinspired designs to address the needs of next generation computing and electronics.

Podcast: Spiderweb Inspired & Graphene Enhanced Microchips

In a discovery that could speed research into next-generation electronics and LED devices, a University of Michigan research team has developed the first reliable, scalable method for growing single layers of hexagonal boron nitride (hBN) on graphene.

Graphene-hBN breakthrough to spur new LEDs, quantum computing

First, the general specifics and commonly used kinds of reflow soldering processes are discussed. Subsequently the focus is on vapor phase soldering and its properties. The process itself is explained clearly.

Vapor phase soldering as a reflow process

In this episode, we talk about how embedding information about products can change consumer insight regarding their purchases and the best way to make high quality, affordable, and flexible OLED screens

Podcast: Metadata Embedded Hardware & Flexible OLED Screens

Using a modified 3D printer small enough to fit on a desk, a research team has successfully printed a fully-functional OLED display panel with impressive performance and flexibility.

Fully 3D-printed flexbile organic LED display hints at a future of desktop manufacturing

They’re also cheaper, faster and fabricated with an inkjet printer

Stretchy, bendy, flexible LEDs

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