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Never design parts that you are unable to find in the product catalogue. - David Anderson

The Standardization of Parts

During assembly, operators often complained that some parts are difficult to be picked up, either too small of too heavy. Consequently, assembly efficiency was lowered down. How can designers figure out a better idea so that operators can pick up the parts easily? Here are some advice as below.

How to Design Parts That can Be Easily Picked Up

How freeform injection molding is democratizing tool-making thanks to the use of intuitive 3D printers and a simple overall molding solution.

3D Printed Injection Molding for Anyone?

Case study

Polymateria are British innovators and inventors of the world’s first self-destructing plastic technology. The company approached Protolabs for digital manufacturing support in raising awareness of the issue and their ground-breaking technology that could ultimately help solve it.

Protolabs helps sustainable plastic innovators Lyfecycle join the race for climate awareness at Extreme E

Compare injection-moulded thermoplastics to ‘thermoplastic-like’ materials in stereolithography

Selecting a Material for Stereolithography (SLA) 3D Printing


In this Insight video we look at two concepts that are closely intertwined – undercuts and bump offs.

Protolabs Insight - Complex Undercuts

Case study

Having initially developed the blood sampling product, Ascilion found the guidance from the Protolabs Team invaluable. Advice on the choice of materials and iterations to the design meant the prototype was optimised for injection moulding. Saving time and costs.

Good advice on manufacturing crucial for revolutionary blood sampling product


This is an insight interview style video. This week’s video looks at how you can design better parts. Covering topics such as; features, weight and strength of part, materials etc.

Protolabs Insight - Injection Moulding Design

Case study

Production of a device developed in collaboration with Protolabs to facilitate faster recovery from sporting head injuries has kicked up a gear following its entry into the English Premier League.

Protolabs helps vital head injury relief product enter the premier league

An evaluation of a range of durable materials to consider for high UV-resistance in plastic parts

Evaluating UV-Resistant Plastic Options


Ejector pins are utterly vital to the process of creating injection moulded parts. If all goes well they barely leave a mark, but sometimes this is not the case. In this video we talk about how design and position can minimise this, considering shape and specific qualities of the part.

Protolabs Insight - Ejector Pins

Case study

A high-tech company in the field of infrared detection technology research, appointed us for the production of 200 sets of optical probe components. Due to their complex structures and undercut details, injection molding or CNC machining were not feasible.

Optical Probe From Concept to Reality

Have you considered optimizing the part design to increase part quality, while cut down the manufacturing cost and time? There are design tips about ribs and undercut you could refer to.

6 Design Tips for You to Get the Desired Injection Molded Parts

Case study

A medical company sought to develop a new biochemistry analyzer product. Development was stalled due to the complex structure of a component and the small quality required. Then they found RPWORLD to help them get out of the dilemma.

Pilot Production of Biochemistry Analyser

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