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Built to perfection, Pagani Automobili combines beauty and attention to detail with the best racing technology

How Pagani Automobili uses 3D scanners to optimize manufacturing and quality control

Case study

Bin picking of metal parts in challenging industrial environments and light conditions requires robust 3D vision combined with clever robotic intelligence software. SEMA Maschinenbau GmbH uses Photoneo technology for this kind of project.

Robotic picking of metal objects

AGRO Tooling Systems GmbH specializes in the manufacture of spare parts for mattress innerspring machines. In addition to contract manufacturing, mechanical engineering with in-house design has now become an important pillar of their business.

Fast and precise reverse engineering of spare parts for mattress innerspring production

Case study

A car rental company uses the Photoneo 3D camera MotionCam-3D to inspect and identify defects on rental cars.

Automated car inspection with MotionCam-3D

Computer-aided design (CAD) is defined as the use of computers to assist in the creation, modification, or optimization of a design. CAD software enables designers and engineers to model shapes and add features with the ultimate goal of producing parts.

3D Scanner for CAD : The Best 3D Scanners and Scan-to-CAD Softwares

In this post, we want to offer you guidance on why choosing 3D scanning for inspection. We want to help you differentiate the different types of 3D scanners and metrology software, and choose the best one for your inspection needs.

3D Scanning for Inspection: Are 3D Scanners A Smart Choice?

Case study

Real-time 3D model creation in motion with Photoneo’s MotionCam-3D enables automated sandblasting/painting of large objects without interruption.

Real-time 3D model creation for automated cleaning & coating of large objects

How Hyundai Design North America uses HandySCAN 3D for improving real-time design workflows

How Hyundai North America uses 3D scanners for product development and design

With the rapid development of the automobile industry and its production capacity, traditional sheet metal processes can no longer meet the sector’s growing needs. Therefore, it is necessary to consider new and innovative technologies to keep up with the industry’s ever-evolving needs.

How to improve the production efficiency of automotive sheet metal parts manufacturing

Case study

Robotic picking of cylindrical parts enabled through precise and reliable robot navigation with Photoneo 3D vision and robotic intelligence software Bin Picking Studio.

Robotic picking of cylindrical parts

Case study

Parallel Structured Light is the only technology that enables you to create colorful & high-quality 3D point clouds of large objects in motion. This opens up countless new applications. This virtual case study looks at the advanced inspection of large objects.

Automated inspection of large objects in motion

SCAN IT 3D GmbH a Swiss 3D measurement service provider, was commissioned to determine the geometry of a suction pipe of a hydroelectric power plant using 3D scanning technology.

3D scanning of a suction pipe in a hydropower plant

The ability to quickly achieve accurate dimensioning of components of any shape and size with a 3D scanner was for AADS a key factor to choose a Creaform scanner.

From Scan to Reverse Engineering: 3D Scanner Guarantees Seamless Process

The objective was to get a small handheld tool to quickly carry out inspections and measurements in various places. The speed of measurement, getting results in a short time and the desire to use cutting-edge technology were the key factors to choose a 3D measurement solution.

Plastic blow molding company reduces process time by 50 percent with 3D scanning

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