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An international team of researchers have created a fleet of bee-inspired flying 3D printers for building and repairing structures in-flight.

Additive manufacturing in-flight: 3D printing drones work like bees to build and repair structures

Engineers have created intelligent 3D printers that can quickly detect and correct errors, even in previously unseen designs, or unfamiliar materials like ketchup and mayonnaise, by learning from the experiences of other machines.

Algorithm learns to correct 3D printing errors for different parts, materials and systems

In this episode, we talk about how researchers devised a new approach for manufacturing precise microfluidic channels for medical devices using 3D printed ice and a novel approach for embedding sensors into architected materials therefore making them viable for motorized soft robotic applications.

Podcast: Printing Ice & Sensing Architected Materials

Get inspired by 3 innovative applications that allowed Trivium to keep their can production line running by 3D printing replacement parts and molds.

Trivium: 3D printing replacement parts for automated packaging lines

Carnegie Mellon engineering researchers develop a groundbreaking process to 3D print tiny microscale ice structures for applications in biomedical engineering, advanced manufacturing, and possibly in art.

3D printing ice

Find out about where 3D printing started and how it became the exciting technology and industry it is today.

The complete history of 3D printing

The last time prices for groceries and gas rose this quickly was 1981. Four decades later, inflation in the US hit 9.1% in June, causing national banks to turn the dial on interest rates in an effort to cool the economy – without freezing it into recession.

5 ways to ride out inflation with 3D printing

Looking to get started with your first 3D printer? Get to know the main differences between the two most popular technologies - Resin 3D printers and Filament 3D printers.

Choosing Between a Resin 3D Printer and a Filament 3D Printer

When 3D printing, there may be times that you want to speed up your printing experience. Maybe you need to save time, increase productivity – or just don’t want to wait any longer than necessary for a print to finish.

Printing at super speed: How to 3D print faster

Find out how to use technology to get in touch with your creative side by 3D printing some amazing art, today.

How to start creating 3D printed art right now

For anyone with a 3D printer, a flex filament can provide some unique advantages to your prints. We focus on the most flexible filament available in our portfolio: TPU. Let’s take a look at its properties, how to print it, and the different applications made possible by this material.

3D Flex Filament: Properties, printing process, and purposes

This blog will focus on STL files, their uses, and where to find free repositories of files that you can use on your 3D printer.

How to find free STL files

If you're seeing wispy "hairs" when printing with PLA filament, follow these troubleshooting steps to fix the problem.

How to diagnose, and fix, PLA stringing in 3D printing

The release of Ultimaker Cura 5.0 is one of the biggest improvements the software has ever seen. That simple statement might suggest a massive overhaul with a completely new user interface and lots of flashy new features. But, while we do have lots of exciting improvements, that isn’t the case.

Unlock the power of variable line width with Ultimaker Cura 5.0

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