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Designed using off-the-shelf parts, a low-cost microcontroller, and a 3D-printed chassis, the HeRo 2.0 robot costs just $18 to build — and is at the heart of an effort to open swarm robotics up to a broader audience.

HeRo 2.0, an ultra-low cost 3D-printed robotics platform, could open swarm robotics experimentation up to all

The Ascento project is an invention by the Focus Project team composed of 8 Mechanical Engineering students and 1 Electrical Engineering student at ETH Zurich.

Ascento 2: Two-Wheeled Jumping Robot

By introducing robots for the inspection, multiple inspection processes can be executed in parallel. This speeds up the overall inspection process, which today often is performed on a section-by-section basis through a single inspector.

A magnetic climbing robot for inspection of steel structures.

Thanks to software developed bicycle engineers can quickly calculate the most aerodynamic shape for a bike. The software applies artificial intelligence to a set of user-defined specifications. Engineers have used the program to design a bike that they hope will break the world speed record.

Artificial intelligence helps design an ultra-aerodynamic bike

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