We did an assignment for Waag that helps people take the right posture when sitting.


Brief: We developed a system that helps people take a correct posture when sitting.

Place of Origin: AMSTERDAM

License: Allow users to commercialize derivates of the project CC-NC-BY-SA

What's the project in a sentence It is a shirt that helps people take a correct posture when sitting / working behind a desk

Why you made it? (Description of the need): We were challenged with making something that can improve an individual's health. We decided to focus on prevention rather than treatment as this can benefit a larger group of people.

What is it (Long Description of the Project)?: We saw that the sector of work behind the desk is growing. The biggest health issues for this kind of work are the physical ones. With a wrong posture you can have back problems that may lead to not being able to work as much. Our solution aims to detect an incorrect sitting posture and notify the user.

What is it doing? (what is enabling you to do?) An sensor is analyzing your sitting posture and notifying when you are sitting incorrectly.

How the object is made? The current prototype is made using an Arduino Nano and MPU9250 sensor. This sensor has a gyroscope, accelerometer and compass in one package. These three sensors are combined using a sensor fusion algorithm to provide accurate measurements. It uses the angle relative to the ground and predefined thresholds to detect incorrect sitting postures. The prototype can be mounted between someone's shoulders using a shirt with a padded pouch on the back.

Future improvements: The current prototype detects incorrect sitting postures but does not yet properly notify the user. This could be achieved using vibration motors. The electronic components also need to be placed on a custom PCB along with a battery to reduce size and make it more comfortable to wear. 

CreditsWho has been working on this? What are their expertises? This has been designed and made by Max Waterhout

Rick de Jong

Seb Fokkens

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