Wevolver and Robots in Depth launching podcast series.

Host Per Sjöborg hosts an interview series with everyone in robotics, from top entrepreneurs, investors and corporate leaders to researchers, political policy makers and domain experts.

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25 Sep, 2019

Robots in Depth. Hosted by Per Sjöborg

Robots in Depth. Hosted by Per Sjöborg

We're excited to announce our collaboration with Per Sjöborg, host of Robots in Depth (RID). Together with Per we'll be creating high quality interviews and discussions in the form of podcast. Per travels the world to talk with all the movers and shakers in the field of robotics and engineering. 

Robots in Depth

In the Robots in Depth podcast series we cover a broad spectrum of views on robotics and Artificial Intelligence.

Per will interview CEOs, founders and CTOs from successful and up and coming robotics companies, as well as researchers, investors and thought leaders within robotics and AI. You'll learn about the latest technologies that are being developed at innovative robotics companies, the lessons learned by incredible startup founders, experienced CEO's, and much more. The series will give you deep insights in what's happening in robotics, and you'll be able to learn from top minds in the industry. 

From now on we'll publish two podcasts every week, each 30 to 60 minutes in length.

Per Sjöborg (right) in conversation with Andreas Bihlmaier, one of the founders of RoboDev,

Hardware Innovators Podcast

Next to the Robots in Depth we're also working on another podcast series called the "Hardware Innovators Podcast"

This new series will also be published twice a week, and focuses on the broader field of engineering. It keeps you connected to what’s happening in the field of hardware development and engineering.

In these 30 minute interviews we talk to global innovators and dive in to the stories and people behind the articles and project shared on Wevolver.com. We cover topics such as autonomous vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles, material research, EV’s, machine learning & A.I.The podcast series will enable you to know exactly what’s happening in your field and will keep you state of the art. 

If you are interested in being a guest on the show to talk about your company or innovation, feel free ton contact us at richard@wevolver.com


To ensure we keep the highest quality podcast for the engineering community available for free, we're looking for more companies to sponsor both podcasts. If you, or the company you work for are interested in creating brand awareness in a highly engaged global engineering community, contact us at info@wevolver.com

Both podcasts will be available on Apple PodcastsSpotify, and Google Podcasts. Search for "Wevolver"

25 Sep, 2019

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