The Ag-Cormorant - Unmanned Aircraft for Aerial Application

Agricultural Variant of the Cormorant Multi-Role UAV Performs Initial Aerial Application Demo.

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05 Mar, 2021

ADAMA and Tactical Robotics have begun a feasibility study to evaluate the potential for aerial spraying using the Ag-Cormorant.  The video demonstrates an innovative vision for the future of aerial spraying application in the agricultural industry.  In this first test, the aircraft is flying out of ground effect (OGE) for initial calibration of the system. 

In addition to the agricultural application, Cormorant is designed to perform a variety of missions, particularly in emergency response situations where the extended aerial access resulting from the aircraft’s lack of an exposed rotor and minimal footprint is essential.  These missions included disaster response, terrorism, fire fighting and relief distribution.  Within a 24 hour period, one Cormorant is capable of delivering sufficient supplies to support 3000 people in need of relief (20 kilograms per person).

Cormorant is a common testbed airframe for both CityHawk and the unmanned aircraft being developed by Urban Aeronautics’ second subsidiary Tactical Robotics Ltd.

05 Mar, 2021

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