Teaching industrial robots a new skill with the TracePen

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15 Feb, 2021

Imagine teaching a robot a new skill within minutes and at a small fraction of the cost for traditional robot-programming.

The TracePen makes it possible for the first time for anybody to teach industrial robots. Simply by the user carrying out the activity of painting, grinding, or gluing with the pen in the hand as an example. The pen's intelligent software then converts these movements into automation scripts for robots.  

With the TracePen it is possible to teach a robot in a matter of seconds by simply showing it the path to be learned by moving the TracePen. This movement is visualized almost simultaneously in the app by the Wandelbots software and can be further refined by defining individual points (keyframes). The keyframes can be adjusted in the sub-millimeter range via the app. Define whether the robot should move from point-to-point, linear or circular between the defined points. The built-in joint control allows the user to directly control the individual robot joints and even define a safety area by allowing the robot to act.

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