Specialised Drones delivering High Pressure Cleaning Solution

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Aerial robots for cleaning

High pressure with adjustable angle can achieve so much more

The aerial robot works out of a van and is served by its own water reservoir, which can deliver any solvent through a manifold system. Pumps with their own power source make this system very versatile for positioning on any site and close to the substrate to be cleaned.

The trials have shown that 4000psi of pressure can take away the stubborn, hardened layer of dust in seconds. It has also proven very effective in dislodging dead wildlife from solar panels. An average water consumption of 11L per minute covers an area of about 12m2 with effective cleaning.

Quick set-up, self-reliance, low consumption and ease-of-reach make this system a viable option for using cherry-pickers and other manual means of cleaning hard-to-reach places.

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