SEER: Animatronic Humanoid Soft Robotics

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01 Feb, 2021

SEER stands for Simulative Emotional Expression Robot and is developed in 2018 as a humanoid robotic head by Takayuki Todo.

SEER stands for Simulative Emotional Expression Robot and is developed in 2018 as a humanoid robotic head by Takayuki Todo. His creation explores the human robot interaction and aims to eliminate the “uncanny valley”, which refers to the narrow gap between what a person perceives as real and credible, and what they perceive as artificial and uncanny. 

He believes that the central element to this is the human gaze and expression. This anthropomorphic figure is are made of entirely out of 3D-printed synthetic materials and explores the significance of gaze and facial expression in the sphere of human-machine research and robotics. The humanoid robotic head is printed on a reduced scale and is designed to be without any gender or ethnicity-specific features.

The video showcases the robot’s ability to mimic the facial expression of the user through a camera that perceives the human counterpart. It is then able to focus and reciprocate their gaze and interacts with them though eye-contact and gestures such as nodding its head and moving its eyes, eyelids and eyebrows. It has the ability to reflect the facial expressions and generate movements as reproductions of the perceived actions but does not produce any autonomous gestures. This technology has many applications in society such as in puppetry, telepresence avatar, and interactive automation.

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