SAE Tomorrow Today: How Robots and Humans Work Together for a Better Tomorrow

What if robots​ could make the world better and safer for all?

01 Apr, 2021

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What if robots could make the world better and safer for all?  

On a recent episode of SAE’s Tomorrow Today podcast, host Grayson Brulte spoke with RE2’s Jorgen Pedersen, president and CEO, and Amanda Sgroi, Ph.D., principal research scientist, to discuss how RE2 is using robotics to do just that.    

By solving worker safety issues in medicine, construction, defense and more, RE2 is using robotics to amplify human capabilities and expertise, making the world a safer and more efficient place. 

Listen in as Jorgen and Amanda discuss the role robotics will play in the future, as well as the systems that can be put in place today to keep humans out of harm's way.  

Check out this episode by watching the video above, or listen to it on SAE’s site: 

Learn more about RE2 Robotics:

01 Apr, 2021

More about RE2 Robotics

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RE2 Robotics develops the RE2 Sapien family of intelligent mobile manipulation systems that operate in a variety of complex indoor and outdoor environments for use in the aviation, construction, defense, energy, and medical industries. RE2’s mission is to develop mobile manipulation systems that em... learn more

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