Millo Smart Worktop: Smart Home Kitchen Table

Millo is the company behind the Smart Worktop, an innovative kitchen table with built-in appliances with no buttons, cables or wires.

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25 Jan, 2021

Millo is the company behind the Smart Worktop, an innovative kitchen table with built-in appliances with no buttons, cables or wires. The company is founded by Ruslanas Trakšelis and Aivaras Bakanas and is best known for its patented Magnetic Air Drive technology and its wireless upside-down blender. The kitchen work surface has a sleek 21st century minimalistic design with induction cooktop hobs and the patented Magnetic AirDrive engine integrated into the worktop. 

Millo uses a brushless magnetic engine that allows for the contactless transfer of torque via an air gap. It also uses a smart blending processor which can measure the blender’s operation in real time for added accuracy.  The cooktop is a regular induction hob which is placed under the kitchen table and is touch sensitive. When the blender and the hob are not it use, the table can be used as a regular surface. 

The video shows a demonstration of the cooking process of making a simple pancake using the smart worktop. The pan is first placed on the induction hob for preheating, while the ingredients are placed inside the Millo blender and blended to form the mixture using the Magnetic Air Drive technology integrated in the worktop. The controls are also integrated into the surface and are touch sensitive. The mixture is placed into the pan to cook and flip the pancakes. The finished product is plated, and taste tested by the demonstrator.

25 Jan, 2021

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