Franka Emika Robot solving the NIST task board

In this video, Franka Emika cobot is carrying out assembly operations on a task board designed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

07 Feb, 2022

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The Franka Emika collaborative robot (cobot) is designed to work safely alongside humans in manufacturing environments. In this video, Franka Emika cobot is carrying out assembly operations on a task board designed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Assembly operations consist of insertion and fastening operations such as threading, meshing, snap fitting, and routing. Often, standard rigid components are involved, including screws, nuts, washers, gears, and electrical connectors, as well as non-rigid components such as belt drives and wiring. Through its apps, the Franka Emika Robot may be taught to solve the task board without the need for any programming experience.

The NIST task board has four sizes of pegs: round, rectangular, square, and oval. Because of the geometric changes, there is a wide range of gripping difficulty, especially when the parts are presented in different orientations. A very thin peg lying prone, for example, can be extremely difficult to get for a number of grippers. A chamfer on one end of the pegs aids in centering the peg within the hole during insertion. Inserted objects must then make touch with the surface beneath the task board in order to complete the task. The Franka Emika cobot, on the other hand, has built-in sensors and a vacuum gripper that allow it to pick up the proper peg, locate and position it in the right hole, and ensure that the inserted object is secure.

The task board also has four different sizes of nuts. Threading of nuts requires awareness of the alignment and specific orientation of the nuts before beginning a rotational motion. The task would necessitate fully threading a nut into the board and tightening it to a specific torque. The Franka Emika cobot has swift precision screwing capabilities for a variety of applications. By modifying the final target torque based on the seating torque, the seating control strategy capability, for example, ensures a perfect clamping torque. The clamping torque monitoring capability establishes a final target torque and continuously monitors the tightening process to guarantee that the clamping torque remains consistent. When faulty screw connections occur, the cobot has an automatic error handling capability that allows it to adjust the screw connections properly.

07 Feb, 2022

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Franka Emika is a young high-tech company from Munich, Germany, dedicated to making robotics accessible to everyone and helping humans perform unpleasant and even dangerous tasks. To achieve this, the company has combined human-centered design with German engineering.

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