Conveyor Tracking with Multiple Robots - KUKA.PickControl

KUKA.PickControl: robot-based software for conveyor tracking with integrated image processing.

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04 Feb, 2021

Product cycles are getting shorter and shorter, while resource and energy efficiency is receiving ever greater attention. Particularly in the consumer goods industry, which includes fast-moving consumer goods, the market is highly dynamic and fast-paced. Flexible production solutions are in demand. With the KUKA.PickControl robot software, you can switch quickly between different production scenarios. This allows seasonal packaging designs, for example, to be easily implemented. The application meets the requirements posed by the logistics and consumer goods sectors, but is also suitable for other industries and tasks.  

KUKA.PickControl is a special software package that coordinates and synchronizes picking and packing operations involving multiple robots and pick and place locations. It ensures a smooth and energy-efficient production sequence with the following functions:

  • Support of predefined setdown patterns: You can preconfigure any number of different setdown patterns and then simply select the scenario that is currently required via the user interface. Is standard packaging or XXL packaging required? You decide.
  • Material flow simulation for system design: We will help you to achieve the desired throughput rates for your goods. KUKA perfectly harmonizes your robots, workpieces, conveyor speed and robot velocity with the aid of a material flow simulation.
  • Object and feature recognition: With KUKA.VisionTech, you can also use your robot in unstructured environments and maintain an overview of your goods. With the high-quality camera in its IP 67 housing, objects can be recognized in 2D. It is also possible to determine and evaluate product characteristics.
  • Integration of any desired image processing systems: With the aid of a programming interface, we also enable you to use your own image processing systems: this means, for example, that you can also work with 3D systems or specialized solutions. 
  • Diagnosis and analysis through live recording of statistics: Using KUKA.PickControl, you can keep an eye on the data and statistics of the running system, thereby detecting errors, for example, and optimizing the system.
  • Dynamic load sharing: The first robot is not able to pick the desired quantity from the conveyor? Then the second one will simply help out. In this way, you can also deal with peaks in production by sharing the tasks over several robots.
  • Runtime parameter adaptation: You need to modify the pick height or adapt the image processing parameters? Fine tuning of your system can be implemented quickly. Modifications via a programmable logic controller (PLC) are applied directly to the running system, saving you time.

04 Feb, 2021

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